Ruusu (Rose) 1477

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Aladin, Tamara

Ruusu (Rose) 1477

Manufacturer: Riihimäen Lasi

Designed in: 1966

In production: 1967-1976

Turned mould blown clear or coloured glass. Manufactured in heights of 200, 250 and 300 mm.

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The height can't be right: 200 mm versus 250; I think the vase on the right is the well-known 290 mm vase; is there also a 250 mm version ?

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Dear Joost, I am not going to comment on all your numerous messages but want to just tell you that if you had the book (Glass from Riihimäki, Riihimäen Lasi Oy 1910-1990) you would know better and did not have to placea all these questions. ;))
Also it is good to know this site is not totally updated according to the latest information. (which at the moment is in this particular book mentioned)
Thirdly: about the heights: this vase with this production number (1477) was actually made in 200/250/300mm but some models are known to have been made also in the other size range (160/180/220/280mm) for export. I suppose the production number may have been different tho.

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Thanks, I updated the information!


Iittalan lasitehdas

Puhallettujen talouslasien hinnasto (näköispainos)

Iittalan tuotekuvasto vuodelta 1941 esittelee viini-, viiina-, shamppanja- ym. laseja. Lisäksi siinä esitellään karahveja, maljoja, tarjottimia, astiastoja sekä paljon muuta puhallettua talouslasia.

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